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Suggestions for life's challenges

Church News readers have offered insights in meeting challenges we face in daily life. Various articles in Church News address these challenges and offer suggestions others have found to be worthy of consideration.

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  • Unfamiliar territory

    One of the largest growing demographics in the Church and around the world is the young single adults. With the average marriage age continuously climbing, many individuals ages 18 to 30 are gaining educations, working as professionals and striving for personal righteousness.
  • Searchable sites

    Online genealogy resources continue to grow, said Rick Crume, Family Tree magazine contributing editor. Family history research begins with finding ancestors' life events, such as birth, marriages and deaths, recorded independently.
  • Promoting the family by thinking small

    While most people who want to protect and promote the family in the United States today think big, one of the nation's top family advocates told hundreds gathered recently at BYU that much can also be accomplished by thinking small.
  • FamilySearch simplifies search for family

    Learning how to find and search computer screens was the order of the day at the annual BYU Computerized Genealogy Conference March 13-15.