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Truth can be known by feeling his spirit

Published: Saturday, Jan. 11, 1997

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"How can we know the truth?" asked Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen of the Seventy at the October 1990 general conference. "The early members of the Church brought with them many customs, traditions and practices from their earlier beliefs. Not all of these practices conformed to the will of the Lord. . . .

"If we do not receive the truth by His spirit, it is not His word. In a latter-day revelation the Lord speaks very strongly about those who get on the wrong side of the question:" `Verily, verily, I say unto you, that Satan has great hold upon their hearts; he stirreth them up to iniquity against that which is good; . . .

" `And they love darkness rather than light, . . . therefore they will not ask of me.' " (D&C 10:20-21.)

Elder Mickelsen said a friend had told him that he had discovered the Book of Mormon was not the word of God and that Joseph Smith was not a prophet of God. The man quoted articles and books that, Elder Mickelsen said, were written by enemies of the Church. "As he listed his sources, I replied that I also had read them and others, and that they had only served to confirm my faith in the Book of Mormon and the Prophet Joseph Smith. He was surprised that I could have read the same things he had read and not believe as he believed. I suggested that he devote at least equal time to the right side of the issue, but he had come with a decision, not a question. His mind was made up. He did not want to know. His heart was closed. . . .

"The promise of the Lord with regard to His word and His works is very explicit: `If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God.' (John 7:17.) This was His constant rejoinder to those who rejected Him."