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New stake presidencies

Published: Saturday, Nov. 6, 1999

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Stakes have been reorganized in Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Peru, and in Idaho, Michigan, New Jersey and Utah.

BOISE IDAHO WEST STAKE: (Oct. 10, 1999) President — Kim Howard Ward, 48, vice president of sales for Marsh Inc.; succeeding M. Michael Sasser; wife, Kathryn Hall Ward. Counselors — Steven K. Ricks, 52, self-employed land developer; wife, Margaret Susanne Haslam Ricks. Kirtlan G. Naylor, 40, attorney for Hamlin & Sasser; wife, Lorrie Jan Hallmark Naylor.

CARDSTON ALBERTA WEST STAKE: (Oct. 24, 1999) President — Kenneth "N" Sommerfeldt, 41, vice principal for Westwind School Division; succeeding R. Cameron Leavitt; wife, Wendy Ellen Jensen Sommerfeldt. Counselors — Kimball James Taylor, 47, physician; wife, Marianne Evans Taylor. John Dudley Bridge, 47, chiropractor; wife, Bonnie Harker Bridge.

CHICLAYO PERU CENTRAL STAKE: (Oct. 10, 1999) President — Rosendo V. Santos C., 41, institute director for Church Educational System; succeeding Freddy Williams Fernandez Ruiz; wife, Maria Del Rosario Mercado B. de Santos. Counselors — Hugo H. Leon O., 35, self-employed production technician; wife, Mary Ann Sifuentes P. de Leon. Marcos A. Zena C., 41, administrator for "Piladora Venecia"; wife, Eda Luisa Vasquez T. de Zena.

COCHABAMBA BOLIVIA UNIVERSIDAD STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — Enrique O. Huerta Jr., 57, retired from U.S. Navy as head of laboratory for Navy Medical Clinic; succeeding Gustavo Rocabado Tavera; wife, Lenny Arlette Von Borries de Huerta. Counselors — Juan Carlos Aquino Sanchez, retained. Franz Moya H., 32, systems supervisor for Santa Rita Touring; wife, Jimena Ruth Pedraja P. de Moya.

LANSING MICHIGAN STAKE: (Oct. 17, 1999) President — Bruce E. Dale, 49, professor and chairman of chemical engineering department at Michigan State University; succeeding Lindon J. Robison; wife, Regina Ruesch Dale. Counselors — Claude H. Spencer Jr., 52, factory laborer for Melling Tool Co.; wife, Deborah Lynn Karr Spencer. Donald J. Hinkle, 46, revenue agent and auditor for IRS; wife, Ruth Ann Van Alstine Hinkle.

MERIDA MEXICO LAKIN STAKE: (Sept. 12, 1999) President — Gabriel Palma C., 28, self-employed merchant; succeeding Erik M. Roca Gomez; wife, Alma Elizabeth Martinez D. de Palma. Counselors — Jose Pablo Echeverria G., 37, physician; wife, Maria Consuela Gongora C. de Echeverria. Alvaro Edgardo Rubio M., 40, sales representative for Boeringerh-Promeco; wife, Maria Guadalupe Navarro O. de Rubio.

MORRISTOWN NEW JERSEY STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President— Richard A. Myers, 46, manager of leadership and education for Exxon, succeeding Jack E. Jeppson; wife, Ylse Jeannette Gil Myers. Counselors — G. Timothy Pettitt, 49, senior manager of audits and quality assurance for Nabisco Inc.; wife, Liana Hansen Pettitt. Douglas E. McAllister, 50, vice president of Government Affairs for ASARCO Inc.; wife, Janice Christina Taylor McAllister.

NOVA IGUACU BRAZIL STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — Aladar Molnar II, 30, self-employed attorney; succeeding Carlos Manoel Figueiredo Patriota; wife, Monica Conceicao de Oliveira Molnar. Counselors — Antonio Sergio Pinheiro Lima, 43, attorney; wife, Marile Muniz Da Silva Lima. Jose Marcos Silva De Albuquerque, 43, industrial plumber; wife, Cristina Costa Da Silva de Albuquerque.

SANTA CRUZ BOLIVIA CANOTO STAKE: (Sept. 12, 1999) President — Felipe Romero S., 36, self-employed accountant; succeeding Luis Bernardo Gonzalez Ramos; wife, Marcela Ibanez A. de Romero. Counselors — Ricardo Villarroel S., 42; wife, Margarita Rojas P. de Villarroel. Herman Pinto V., 28, attorney for Economico Bank S.A.; wife, Rita Mercedes Aban A. de Pinto.

TOOELE UTAH NORTH STAKE: (Aug. 15, 1999) President — Ray Lavon Ashby, 55, principal and teacher for Church Educational System; succeeding Kim Albert Halladay; wife, Teresa Bryan Ashby. Counselors — Kenneth Charles Christensen, 37, accountant and controller for C&G Construction; wife, Sharie Jean King Christensen. Daniel Pratt Call, 49, mortician for Tate Mortuary; wife, Iris Orozco Call.